Design Phases

Following the approval of the referendum questions, the architectural design process began for all District-wide projects.  The District is working with design (ISG Architects) and construction (Miron) partners to refine and advance the scope and manage the budget. The design process includes three distinct phases to advance preliminary concepts developed prior to the referendum. 

  • Schematic Design (SD) – This phase is the first step in the design process and includes District input to drive design and develop drawings that provide definition to interior and exterior functions, space requirements, adjacencies, and overall design intent.  We have been utilizing User Groups consisting of staff to provide an opportunity for staff to think “big picture” about the potential renovations to learning spaces, drive design, and provide feedback.

  • Design Development (DD)– Once the building footprint has been confirmed and the team has a plan for interior space definition, we will transition into design development. During the DD phase, design concepts and advanced with precise details including structural design, specific mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems, and cabinetry, fixtures, and material selections are finalized.  

  • Construction Documents (CD)– In the final phase of the design process, final drawings and specifications used to construct the building, will be produced. All building components and defined in detail. These documents are used in the competitive bid process. 

Design and Construction Updates

Updates on the community-approved referendum projects will be shared throughout the design and construction process. Please visit this page regularly to stay up to date on these important projects.For More Information:* DASD District Office: 715.739.6669