Fitness Center Rules:

The fitness center is available for public use Monday through Friday 6:00am to 7:00pm.

Donations must be prepaid.

Be mindful that students may be utilizing the Fitness Center at any time when school is in session.

Students and others 18 years of age and younger may only be in the Fitness Center with a parent/guardian during non-school, unstaffed hours.

If you have a medical condition inhibiting exercise, you are responsible to take all necessary precautions and assume any and all risks.

Exercise is voluntary and performed at your own risk.

If you should incur an injury at the Fitness Center, you acknowledge it is your responsibility to seek appropriate care.

Members must wear appropriate attire at all times. Sweat pants or shorts, shoes and t-shirts must be worn. Clothing with belts, buckles, snaps, etc., should not be used as they can damage equipment. Clothing containing offensive words or graphics is not allowed.

Shoes must be worn during workouts. Shoes must be clean, dry and free of sand.

Profanity is not allowed.

Locker Facilities are not available.

The Drummond Area School District is not responsible for any property lost, stolen or damaged while you are using the Fitness Center.

You are to use the equipment as intended. Misuse may result in damage that you will be responsible for the cost to repair.

Malfunctioning equipment is to be reported to the District Office or school personnel immediately.

Wipes are available to wipe down machines after use. Each person is asked to help keep the equipment in good working order by cleaning after use.

Penalty for breaking these or any other posted rules will be loss of access. Refunds will not be issued.


Suggested Maintenance Donation:

$15/month – Single 25/month – Family $10/month – Senior Citizen Cash or checks are accepted in the District Office. Please make checks out to DASD.


Monday - Friday // 6am - 7pm The Fitness Center is closed on weekends and if there is no school, the hours may change.