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Master Planning Process

Financial Planning

The District is projecting a budget deficit. Without additional funding, we will not be able to maintain current programs and services. In order to procure this funding, DASD leaders are asking voters to consider an operational referendum (provides additional funding for daily operations and pays for student programs and services). This funding would help the District maintain the following:

1. Current programs and services for students.

2. Smaller class sizes, especially at the elementary levels.

3. Course offerings (such as career & tech ed, agriculture, fine arts, Spanish, and more).

If this type of referendum is not supported, the District will be forced to make significant budget cuts.

Facilities Planning

Our District has worked hard to develop the District Strategic Plan, and one of the goals within that plan is to develop a capital improvement plan to meet the district’s needs. Through community, staff, and student engagement, the Drummond Area School District aims to develop a Facility Master Plan that provides direction on the projects and timeline of needs identified within the district.

We are committed to continued conversations with you as we look ahead to the future needs of our students and community

Phased Approach to Facilities Planning

Drummond Area School District originally initiated a long-range facilities planning process in 2022 with a district-wide facilities study. Our goal for many years has been to address identified facility needs in distinct project phases to be the best stewards of taxpayer money. Following the completion of a comprehensive Facility Assessment, we were able to identify areas of need in our school buildings and develop a Master Plan to assist with the future planning needs of the district.
Gathering Community & Staff Feedback

The district and the school board will gather information from district staff regarding the facilities

study to further identify areas of focus for our staff. To engage the community, the district held Facilities Planning Community Listening Sessions in May in order to gather feedback on how and when to address the identified district needs as we create our long-range facilities master plan. The purpose of these Listening Sessions was to inform the community of the current state of our buildings and gain valuable community input prior to a district-wide survey. The information presented during these meetings can be found here.

Next Steps – Gathering Community Feedback

The district is conducting a community-wide survey in November and December that will be shared with all staff and mailed to every household in the school district to gather qualitative and quantitative data to provide our School Board feedback on if the community is willing to invest in our facilities, what projects they prioritized and when we should get started. The survey is open until December 6. The School Board will then meet to discuss next steps based on survey feedback.

Please complete and return your survey by December 6th, 2023!

Residents will have two easy ways to take the survey:

1. Complete the paper survey and mail it back to School Perceptions in the post-paid envelope provided

2. Log on to the website listed on the paper survey, enter the unique access code, and take the survey online

To get additional survey copies for members of your household, please contact the district office.

Questions about the Survey?

Join us during Parent Teacher Conferences on Thursday, November 9, 2023 from 4:00 – 8:00 PM near the cafeteria, where a table will be set up with our architecture, construction management, and financial partners. This is your opportunity to get questions answered and share input regarding the upcoming community-wide survey and our long-range facilities master plan. If you have questions or comments, please contact District Administrator Melissa Altmann at (715) 739-6669 ext. 178 or .